Shop Small Series – Introduction

by Aly Marie
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Once upon a time… 

I was a new creator diving into the world of selling handmade jewelry online. In June 2012, I launched Knack for Knots (first on Storenvy before Etsy in 2014). In July 2012, I was buying a massive quantity of embroidery floss at my local Michael’s Crafts store. The poor cashier had to scan the skeins one by one (I still feel bad – I’m so sorry), chatting with me while doing so. She asked what I was going to create, and I told her of my recently established online business venture. I was shocked when she asked me to write down the web address. That cashier was my first sale that same evening.

I will always remember that experience and that woman’s kindness.  

Since then, I have made over 1,000 online sales, had my bracelets on television (on the show NCIS in the episode called “Shell Game”!), and have connected with so many amazing people. I feel immeasurable gratitude for being able to make bracelets for so many peoples’ families and friends. I am endlessly thankful for the support I have received for my jewelry business and tutorials. Thus, my goal is to pay it forward as best as I can, whenever I can, focusing on supporting new creators in the community.

The “Shop Small Series” intends to highlight other creators in the small business community. These are not paid promotions, and I have purchased these items of my own accord unless otherwise stated.

I hope you will join me in supporting these other talented creators. Even if you have no money to spend, you can support them for free by “favouriting” their shops, following them on Instagram, or subscribing to them on other social media platforms.

I hope you will enjoy this upcoming series! 😃

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